Ordering a PC with Strange Labs Computers

Ordering a PC with Strange Labs is a simple, but personal service. We work hand in hand with you to create your perfect PC. This means, rather than offering off the shelf configurations, we tailor your PC using current, highly rated and specifically chosen components.

Computer Specification

Beginning the specification process starts by completing the order form. We encourage you to fill this out with as much detail as possible, especially on what you would like to get out of your PC.

We are aware that you have come to us as the experts, and so don’t worry if you aren’t sure of what you want, we will help you here!

Once you have submitted the form with your requirements, Strange Labs begins the process of sourcing the perfect components to fulfill them. We will send you our suggestion for your approval, and work with you until you are happy we have designed the perfect solution for your computer.

Invoicing and Payment Terms

After the specification is approved by you, we will send you an invoice for the final amount.

You are welcome to pay either by bank transfer, debit or credit card, paypal or cryptocurrency. The invoice will include the details for payment, including addresses for our wallets in Nano, Bitcoin or Ether.

We do require payment in full, before we can start building your PC.

Please note that in order to give our customers an unbeatable price, we work to very tight margins. Therefore if you choose to pay with paypal, and some types of cryptocurrencies, there may be an additional fee for the payment service added onto the final bill. All this will be discussed prior to payment.

How do I pay in crypto?

First you need to make an account on www.coinbase.com or www.binance.com. Then you can make a direct purchase of Ether or Bitcoin Cash. Sometimes you can make a direct purchase of Nano on Binance, depending if they are currently accepting it. You can however exchange either Ether or Bitcoin Cash for Nano on Binance.

After you have made a purchase of your chosen cryptocurrency, it will be in your Wallet on the exchange (either Coinbase or Binance). It is a simple task then of sending the amount due on the invoice to our Wallet address. This is usually completely through a sevice called Withdrawal, on your respective wallet.

Once you have done this, just take your confirmation email, or a screenshot of the transaction and email it to Strange Labs.

Be aware, the first time you make a purchase with a new account on Coinbase or Binance, you may need to go through ID checks and there may be a delay placed on sending currency to another wallet immediately. Don’t worry though, we will work with you through these checks if you need.

Building Schedule

Once the payment is sent and received, the components will be ordered from our suppliers. It then takes an average of 3 to 5 working days to receive the components, build and test the PC. Any differences in this timescale will be relayed to you ASAP.

Our PCs are built with absolute attention to detail - every cable routed neatly, every screw tightened perfectly. After being built, it is benchmarked and stress tested using several different industry standard tools. The temperatures and performance will be assessed and anything not working as expected will be resolved.

If there are issues with any components, usually they will arrive faulty or the fault will become apparent during testing. It is extremely rare that this happens. In the case that it does, the faulty component will be replaced immediately though this may delay the build time by a further 3 to 5 working days.


The PC will be packaged and delivered by DPD next day, once the PC passes all of its tests. The tracking and set up details will be emailed to you. Once you have received the PC please check it physically and test it. Any issues ocurring in transit will need to be investigated immediately so please don’t get rid of any packaging until the PC is tested and verified to be ok!