Are you a programmer? A web or game developer?

If you are involved in any of these activities, you probably mostly do your work and your hobby related socialising online. It is hard to meet up other than at peoples houses or in corporate offices. Fortunately the world is changing and physical hubs for digital activities are starting to emerge in our high streets. Strange Labs is built for computing enthusiasts, whether it is coding, hacking, building or gaming you are into. It is our intention to become a go to place for advice, a calm and reliable working environment and to meet other like-minded people.

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  • We have the fastest broadband on Gloucester Road

  • We have an Oculus Rift set up for demos

  • You can rent the space for Meetups and workshops

  • The internal space is an evolving architecture, written by scripts

Renting the Space

Anyone can rent the desk space inside to host their own Meetup or for whatever work they intend to do.

There are stools for up to 8 people and two extra chairs if needed.

Pricing is very competitive and we can charge per hour or per day.

The space is available for rent during any of our opening hours. To book please call on 0117 9446688 or email us at

Current space | Strange Labs, 9 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS78AA