Meetup Space

Are you a programmer? A web or game developer? Or simply interested in emerging technology?

If you are involved in any of these activities, you probably mostly do your work and your hobby related socialising online. It is hard to meet up other than at peoples houses or in corporate offices. Fortunately the world is changing and physical hubs for digital activities are starting to emerge in our high streets. Strange Labs is built for computing enthusiasts, whether it is coding, hacking, building or gaming you are into. It is our intention to become a go to place for advice, a calm and reliable working environment and to meet other like-minded people. Check out our past Meetups here: Hacking on Ethereum’s Solidy | Hacking on PyTorch & Tensorflow

We are currently running our Future Proof: Emerging Technology in Politics Meetups. Please join up :)

Current space | Strange Labs, 9 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS78AA