Computer Right is evolving!

Hello people,

Let me introduce myself, I am Connor and I have recently bought Computer Right. I have a plan for it, and I am excited to tell you all!

Firstly, I want to thank all of our customers for their support. I understand things were a bit sketchy for some time, but I hope to have things back on track and I hope you will enjoy the new shop. I am a computer enthusiast, I have been since building my first PC when I was 12. In fact even before that I enjoyed designing my own CD labels on Quark Xpress on a Macintosh G3 when I was a little child and creating compilations of useful OSX software to distribute to other mac owners!

So since then I have been involved mostly in the built environment, graduating in Architecture at university. I started to learn parametric design and computational form finding and that led me onto to software development and consultancy. After a good time meeting some of the worlds greatest technical minds and attending conferences and presentations, I developed an idea to host a computer enthusiast shop. 

I have started with Computer Right, and we will be evolving into something else. I hope to build a community around the shop both physically and virtually, of people who are very into their computers: coders, hackers, programmers, scripters, custom builders, networkers and gamers. I am in the process of developing the ideas but here is what I have so far:

  • Provide superfast internet
  • Provide a space to work on coding projects, use the internet, and meet other like-minded folks
  • Stock high quality components and systems for sale
  • Provide fast and reliable services for system repairs and modifications
  • Be a place for advice and guidance
  • Host events such as Meetups, hackathons and LAN parties
  • Host workshops for beginners to get to grips with Windows, Linux and MacOSX

Access to this will be through a membership scheme I am in the process of setting up. There will be plenty of other benefits to becoming a member too! So please, watch this space and if you are interested I would love to know: Please sign up for updates here.

Happy computing,


Computer Right